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Google Analytics Course

Social Media Certification Self-Study and 1-month instructor-led online training courses

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Working with Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you to track visitors to your store, and generates reports that will help you with your marketing. We strongly recommend that you use only the method described here to enable Google Analytics on your website.

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Tell about story Success Story of our Student

If I would have proceeded with my 9-6 work, I would have make 10-15k every month. So I started my blogging journey which could help others to take up blogging as a serious career. With blogging and sharing by personal experience and help of other online activities, Now I managed to earn more than 20k a month which is thrice the amount which I used to earn with my daily routine job by giving my 8 hours.
Now I am my own boss and I work within my own comfort. I am sharing this experience part with you cause for the awareness and I want you to take blogging seriously. And you might end up making money like you’ve never thought of possible.

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  1. What is Google Analytics?
  2. Why Is Analytics So Important?
  3. Understanding Account Structure
  4. Analytics Insights
  5. Coockies Tracking
  6. Adding Analytics Codes In Websites
  7. Understanding BounceRates
  8. Understanding Exit Rates
  9. Setting Up Funnels In Goles
  10. How To Analyse Websites performance
  11. Tracking landing page quality
  12. Tracking conversions
  13. Tracking geographical position
  14. Tracking sales activity and performance
  15. Link Tagging
  16. Filters And Segments
  17. Monitering Traffic Resources
  18. Monetering Traffic Behaviour

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Batches We Have We Have Four Options For You to Join Us.

1. Regular Batches
If you're a student and can come on regular basis than you can enroll for regular batches which is Monday to Friday, Five days a week.
2. Alternate Batches
If you think that you need time to practice at home than you can enroll for alternate batches in which you need to come for 3Days a week.
3. Weekend Batches
If you're a business owner and only have time on Saturdays and Sundays than weekends batches suits you best. Enroll for weekends batches.
4. Sunday Batches
In Case of a busy schedule, we have a Sunday batch system which suits you best. However, you need to discuss the time with our faculties.