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Website Development Course

Social Media Certification Self-Study and 1-month instructor-led online training courses

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Important Part Before doing Marketing - Website Development

Creating a website is very important part before reaching to customers, there is several ways to show off your products online and the website is one of them ! so, there are lot of platforms for website creation like Wordpress, Wix, joomla and many more. here you will learn website development using various platforms also you will learn basic HTML, CSS, PHP.. This is will help you get the proper knowledge in the field of Web Development.

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Tell about story Success Story of our Student

Hello guys,
Arvin this side, I have started my e-commerce website - before creating this site, i have lot of curiosity to know how websites actually create. so i have found this institute in delhi and join the Digital Marketing course here, now i have enough knowledge to create and manage my online store.

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  1. Website Designing & Hosting
  2. Basics of HTML, PHP, CSS & Java Script
  3. Different Kind of Websites
  4. Static & Dynamic Websites
  5. Start Designing Websites
  6. Purchasing Domain Names
  7. Purchasing Web Hosting
  8. Connecting Domain & Hosting
  9. FTP Users & Using File Zila.
  10. Domain Control Panels
  11. Web Hosting Control Panels
  12. Configure Website and Publishing

This is just a step ! - See our Next Module

website service

Batches We Have We Have Four Options For You to Join Us.

1. Regular Batches
If you're a student and can come on regular basis than you can enroll for regular batches which is Monday to Friday, Five days a week.
2. Alternate Batches
If you think that you need time to practice at home than you can enroll for alternate batches in which you need to come for 3Days a week.
3. Weekend Batches
If you're a business owner and only have time on Saturdays and Sundays than weekends batches suits you best. Enroll for weekends batches.
4. Sunday Batches
In Case of a busy schedule, we have a Sunday batch system which suits you best. However, you need to discuss the time with our faculties.