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4 SMS Marketing Tips

A number of small and native businesses don’t have Short Message Service SMS marketing high on their priority list. the first reason for this is the stringent anti-spam laws that govern marketing methods. American businesses are sure by the telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that can impose a fine of anyplace between $500 to $1500 per uninvited text message sent. this may add up quite exponentially if you have got been creating use of bulk marketing techniques.

The typical open rate for emails is somewhere between 20-30 %. compared, the open rate for an SMS is almost 98 %. And nearly 90 % of SMS recipients open their text messages in the initial 3 seconds. The potential comes back to investment here is simply too attractive to dropping off.

Rules of SMS Marketing

Before you start, it’s important to know the rules of the game so you adhere to TCPA regulations. the most vital rule to recollect is that you just could only send marketing messages to recipients who have expressly opted in to receive these messages.

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Email marketers habitually send promotional messages to recipients who downloaded their PDF or signed up for a free trial. this is not possible with SMS marketing.  This makes lead acquisition much more durable, but in terms of quality, these leads are lots more valuable and consequently convert better.

Restrict your message to 160 Words

When you send a lengthy SMS — over 160 words — mobile networks usually break the text into smaller chunks of 160 characters each. This doesn’t happen seamlessly in any respect times. Some networks don’t break or merge messages and different networks will refuse to hold such texts. As a result, your recipient could either fail to receive these messages altogether, or messages could typically get delivered out of order.
Besides, SMS messages are meant to be short. Long text messages will distract recipients, and that they could fail to interact with your communication.

Everything is Timing

Have you ever received an SMS from your native pizzeria offering discounts simply after you were about to order food? With SMS marketing, timing is everything. the character of the medium is such the recipients open their messages instantly upon receiving them. but at identical time, the lack of a visible medium makes it difficult for marketers to create brand recall through this channel.

Consequently, the main objective for a marketer should be to reach resolute their consumers simply once they are creating a getting decision. thus while a dish chain could send out their offers during lunch hour, a salon could schedule their messages to align with how frequently a specific client needs their service.

Include a phone number or URL as the CTA

The success of any marketing campaign depends, to a good extent, on the call to action (CTA). With SMS marketing, there are not any fancy buttons or anchor links to include in your messages.
One of the most well-liked and easy ways that to do this is by including a number or URL at the end of your message. you’ll create use of address shorteners like Bitly to stay your messages right down to a hundred and sixty characters. whereas this could not be an ideal involve action, it’s still vital to modify your recipient to act on their impulse and reach dead set your business.


7 types of sms marketing for text message to send your clients.

Appointment Reminders

If your business offers services to clients, it is likely that you have some type of appointment setup. Although appointments help you structure your schedule so that each client has sufficient time with your staff members, appointments also mean that you are left without business when clients don’t show up. Appointment reminders reduce the number of no-shows, especially if you use the right communication channels.

Text messages have a high open rate and are often opened within a few seconds of receipt. This makes them perfect for sharing appointment reminders. You can send your reminders within 24 hours of client appointments, reducing the chance that someone’s schedule will change or they will forget. You can also feel confident that your client will see your message. Text message appointment reminders can help you reduce your number of no-shows.

Helpful Tips

A good customer experience is a key component of your service business. Every interaction your business has with customers should help them in some way. Consider using your texting campaign to send out helpful tips that ultimately improve your customer service capabilities.

The content you share will differ depending on your type of business, but it might include information about your sales, service hours, appointment availability, and other aspects of your business. You can also simply send out helpful hints or tips. For example, salons may share beauty tips and mechanics may share auto maintenance tips.

Offers and deals

Offers and deals are often the first message type that businesses consider when developing a texting campaign. You definitely want to include them in your cache of message types, since 9 out of 10 mobile coupon users redeem their offers. Plus, offers are always a great way to boost business, since people are always looking for a deal.

Just be careful not to send out too many offers and deals. This may reduce the impact of your offers, since people will simply wait to use the next one, or the one after that. Find a balance between too many offers and not enough offers.

Event Information

Your texting campaign can be used as a way to send basic information to your clients, especially about any events you might be hosting or changes to your business. These might include:

  • Sales
  • Exclusive access
  • New staff members
  • Change in hours
  • Opening a new location
  • A fundraiser for a charity
  • A community event in which you are participating
  • Customer appreciation party
  • A holiday party or other event


You can also consider developing a text-to-win contest for your clients. Simply choose a short code or long code and some contest keywords. Your clients can then send a keyword to your short code or long code to sign up to win something. At the end of the run, you randomly select a winner. For added impact, give everyone some reward for signing up, such as a discount on services or a small free gift.

Polls and Surveys

Text messages are a two-way communication channel, and it is important that you take advantage of that with your texting campaign. This is where polls and surveys come into play. It is easy to run a texting poll. You simply need to send out a question and a list of potential answers. These are keywords that your clients text back to submit their vote. Then, you see which word had the greatest response.

You can use polls as a guide to make changes in your business, or you can simply engage with customers with a fun poll. For times where you need more in-depth answers, it is possible to send out a link to an online survey for your customers to fill out. Just make sure it is mobile friendly.

Customer Service 

Let your customers text you with problems or questions to improve your customer service. 

Another way to take advantage of the two-way communication component of texting is to use it as a way to handle customer service inquiries. Often, customers prefer to ask questions via text message because it’s convenient. Providing this communication option is a proactive way of creating a more positive experience for your customers. This increases the chance of a successful resolution of any issues.

Use these message types to create value for your clients. By doing this, you will create a program that improves the customer experience. Ready to get started? Sign up for free and try out one or more of these type of messages for your texting campaign.

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Prospective customers need to understand the value of a business’s products and services; existing customers need to know sms marketing they’re recognized and valued and employees need to be kept in the loop with clear and transparent messaging.

All of these groups are inundated with daily messaging – drowning in emails, distracted by phone calls. So how do the best performing small businesses cut through all that noise to really connect with their contacts.

That’s over 20 times the number of Tweets and 12 times the number of Facebook messages sent daily.

With all the messaging going on, it’s no wonder marketing teams are finding SMS marketing to be extremely successful. In many industries, mobile messaging provides the most effective direct marketing channel.

If you’re running mobile messaging campaigns, or are thinking about starting, here’s some tips from what we’ve seen work well.

SMS marketing continues to be one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with your target audience. The ability to reach your customers on a device that they always have with them is invaluable. But here’s the challenge that many small businesses are running into. They aren’t sure how to best utilize this innovative marketing channel to get a solid ROI and grow their company.

The idea of SMS marketing sounds amazing on paper, but unless you’re able to create an effective strategy and execute it correctly, you’re going to lose out on a huge opportunity.

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